WRITE AND PUBLISH A BOOK (beta test) New Generation Literature Begins Here!

The recipe for the modern book begins here.

We cook the book together using this platform to bring together writers, readers, editors and publishers

WREPing is an online book writing and publishing platform designed to prepare books for publishing.

New writers can write and share their work, whilst seeking professional guidance and help in ultimately publishing their story or book. These professionals can be reviewers, editors, publishers, illustrators, interpreters and others.

Contributors can share knowledge and experience, where creativity, discipline, motivation and advice is available to writers.

It is a web application that brings together professionals for writing and publishing books and makes it enjoyable to write books.

Write and publish a book!

We have developed a brand new platform for existing writers or those considering writing a book, readers, editors, publishers...

Take your place in this ‘kitchen’ as the heart of literature start writing a book online and working with your other friends!


A book begins with the first word and ends with the word ”End”. On this journey, the writer can progress alone or seek to work with professionals to publish his/her book. Reader evaluation and editing enhances a written work. In this way, the book becomes a reality and ready for the public.

A writer may be an excellent storyteller or have strong writing skills, but the book must be reviewed by a professional reader and editor before it is ready to be published. There may be elements that the writer misses or fails to express in writing his/her dream story.

When the writer finishes the book or publishes chapter by chapter, it will be reviewed by the Professional Reader. After the readers feedback, the writer may make any recommended changes. Then the editor will work with the writer to finalise the draft of the book, ready to be published. Following this process, the writer needs to decide how to publish the book. This can be self publishing or alternatively making an agreement with a publisher.


The writer is an individual or member of a collective who writes a story, novel or scenario for example with the ultimate aim of sharing their work for publication. They may be a novice or already have an element of success which they desire to grow or develop further.


The Professional Reader (reviewer) is invited by the writer to review chapter/s of the book or the initial draft book. The Reviewer shares their professional experienced opinion with the writer enabling any changes or updates to the book. This may highlight any logical errors, mistakes, and other problems with the story. Thus, the writer is then able to make necessary corrections or changes before going to the ”Public”.


The Editor is also invited by the writer, potentially after review by the professional reader, to edit the draft book to make it ready for publishing. The Editor will work closely with the writer to develop final draft of the book. If requested, the Editor may also prepare a report and submit this to potential publishers.


A publisher can find a book that is ready for publishing either through an Editor or directly from the writer by finding it through the ”Books Open to Publisher” section of the platform. The publisher may guide and help the writer decide where best to release the book for publication.


How It Works

Create a Profile

Create your profile after registering and logging into the system. Your profile helps you to be contractable by other users and gives you an advantage in choice of collaborators. You can also access all your manuscripts quickly via your profile.


Write Your Book

You can start writing the first chapter after you create the book cover by clicking ”Write a Story” from the ‘My Stories’ menu.

Work with Writer

You can write your book alone or seek collaboration from other writers on the platform. When there are gaps in your knowledge and competency in some areas, you can seek help from other writer friends. All you have to do is add your book in the ”Books Open to Writers” section.

Open Your Book to Reader

When you have finished the book or chapter, you can publish it in the ”Books Open to Reading” section and you can invite readers to review your book either chapter by chapter or as a first draft. Alternatively, you can get feedback by inviting known readers.

Work with Editor

After you have finished working with the reader, you can add your draft book in ”Books Open to Editors” and wait for the Editors to contact you. Alternatively, you can invite Editors who you already know.

Publish Your Book

After the work of the Editor is complete, you can decide to publish it yourself, or you can put it in ”Open Books for Publishers” so that publishers can find it. If there is a publisher you know, you can invited them to publish the book.