Wreping is aware that the sensitive use of users’ personal information is very important for members. Wreping complies with all applicable legal data protection legislation. Wreping will not give any information about the members to third parties or in any way will not inform third parties about this.

Wreping will take every precaution in its power to protect any data submitted to it by the members, and any measures taken by similar businesses. Despite all these measures, the member agrees and undertakes not to demand any compensation from Wreping in the event that the data falls into the hands of malicious persons.

Wreping keeps the traffic data of its members and all data required to be kept by this law or other legislation that is in effect or will come into force in the future, as per the law, and is obliged to deliver it to these persons upon the request of the relevant authorities. The member accepts and undertakes that he will not claim that the privacy of his communication or other rights are damaged due to this data being kept due to legal obligation. Wreping undertakes to take all necessary care in the storage and destruction of this data.