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By visiting our website http://www.wreping.com (hereinafter briefly referred to as "wreping.com") belonging to ANT PEOPLE LTD (hereinafter referred to as "WREPING" for short) and/or By filling out the membership form and as a member of wreping.com, you accept that you have read the entirety of this Membership Agreement and Terms of Use, that you fully understand the content, that you unconditionally and unconditionally accept and approve all the matters stated and to be stated on wreping.com, You expressly declare and undertake that you will not raise an objection or defense.
Membership Agreement and Terms of Use are available at www.WREPING.com. WREPING has the right to unilaterally make changes, adjustments and updates to wreping.com and the content of wreping.com in these contract terms at any time. These changes, adjustments and updates are deemed effective from the time they are posted on wreping.com. Users are deemed to have accepted the updated/changed/adjusted items each time they enter www.wreping.com.
This Membership Agreement and Terms of Use specify and regulate the conditions under which service will be provided to users who will use the wreping.com service, the details of the service offered on wreping.com, and the rights and obligations of WREPING and Users.
Subscribing to wreping.com indicates that the wreping.com membership agreement and terms of use have been read and accepted by the user while they are of legal age and have the power to appeal. This membership agreement and terms of use are binding for all members, users and visitors who benefit from wreping.com services. Users of this site, whether they are visitors (visitors: non-members but limited users of wreping.com’s services), or members (members: those who register as a member of wreping.com), have accepted and committed to act in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. The word "user" in the contract text includes both "members" and "visitors".
Wreping.com is a social media center with internet publishing and electronic literature, a digital, online self-publishing and electronic/interactive literature publishing house, a social network where authors can get support from their readers for their current and finished books.
The user shall not publish content related to political, religious and private life, which is inappropriate and/or contrary to the usage rules of Turkish. WREPING has the right not to publish and/or remove the book, article, comment, message and any content that it deems inappropriate and contrary to the publishing principles, at its own discretion. The user cannot use wreping.com directly as a commercial promotion area, without producing content that will create value for wreping.com, and cannot attempt to promote/sell products/services through wreping.com or direct them to sales channels. WREPING, at its own discretion, has the right to terminate the memberships and/or take down the pages of the members that wreping.com determines to use for these purposes. However if wreping.

Authorizations given to
•It has the right to terminate the service it provides to any member or members temporarily or permanently, partially or completely.
• At its own discretion, it may remove, edit or delete any member’s books, articles and/or comments when it deems necessary.
• At any time, it has the right to unilaterally suspend wreping.com permanently or temporarily.
• Members whose records are incomplete have the right to remove their accounts from the system without any explanation, if they find that they do not comply with wreping.com’s terms of use.
• It has the right to remove the accounts of the members, which it determines that it has not been updated during a certain period of time, from the system without any explanation.
• If it determines that the user is using wreping.com and its infrastructure in violation of the terms of this membership agreement and terms of use and the law, it has the right to notify the user to the competent authorities. He also has the right to take the measures he deems necessary in a similar situation.
• It has the right to reject, delay, publish late or not publish the content, e-mail or any message on its page from the User without giving any reason.
• Member has the right to postpone, limit and destroy access to any page or service of Wreping.com without stating a reason and without warning.

• When a user’s password and user name are captured by someone else, actions can be taken without the knowledge of the member. When such a situation is noticed, the User should change his password. In such cases, the final decision rests with the editors and administrators of Wreping.com.
• In case of a dispute, it can go to resolve the dispute by terminating the relevant memberships, deleting the profile and online book pages, news, comments, discussion texts, notes, followers.

• Legal rights of advertising and promotion activities on Wreping.com belong only to WREPING or organizations authorized by WREPING.
• Commercial advertisements - promotions or links related to them in the profiles of the members on Wreping.com or in their books can be deleted without warning, and the memberships of users who make such attempts can be terminated.
• It has the right to change the terms of the contract unilaterally without any warning.
• Author and reader accounts that are not operated by the members for 1 year, that have not been entered or updated in written or visual form for 1 year, can be deleted.

• Wreping.com does not guarantee that it will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that certain results will be obtained by using the site or its content or linking to the site, delays/failures/errors in information transmission, unintentional omissions or losses, and problems will be resolved. WREPING does not guarantee that the files downloaded by the User from Wreping.com are free of viruses or polluting, destructive or destructive features and will not be infected. WREPING cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of Wreping.com, including direct, indirect or incidental damages, consequential damages and punitive damages.

In the above-mentioned cases, WREPING cannot be held responsible; In case of leaving the membership, the member cannot claim any rights from WREPING regarding the content it provides and the financial support it collects.

Wreping.com service will in no way constitute a crime, require legal action, result in or encourage violation of laws and international agreements at the national or international level, illegal, threatening, offensive, insulting, profanity or slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic or disruptive to public order, contrary to public morals, in a way that disturbs or harass others, injures personal rights, for any unlawful purpose, to the privacy, intellectual and copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of others It cannot be used by the User in a way that violates. In addition, any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Wreping.com infrastructure or contains a virus or other harmful element cannot be performed by the User.
Wreping.com’s content and software, including but not limited to international copyright and trademark laws, all intellectual and financial rights belong to WREPING. The user is responsible for viewing and/or copying, duplicating, modifying, translating Wreping.com or its contents, including the interface, content database, design, text, image, html code and other code and software. will not use any robots, spiders or other automated tools or manual processes for any other unauthorized purpose; accepts and undertakes that it will not create derivative works from this content or display them to the public.
The user accepts and undertakes that he will not use any tool, software or tool to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of Wreping.com, will not connect to the site and take action without authorization, will not access or use the software and data of other internet users without permission. Otherwise, any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that WREPING has to pay to public institutions and/or third parties for this reason will be recourse to the User.
The user cannot use Wreping.com to illegally transmit copyrighted information and materials without express permission, without a valid defense or justification. The User, who puts books, articles, images, stories, software or copyrighted or similar content on Wreping.com, does not violate the copyrights or other rights of third parties (such as the right to privacy or prohibition of disclosure) of the content he uploads to Wreping.com. must ensure that it does not infringe or violate these rights. The user agrees and undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree on the Protection of Trademarks, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on the Protection of Patent Rights, the Turkish Penal Code and other legislation, and not to violate them.
If the relevant copyright owner or its representative notifies Wreping.com that the User is using Wreping.com as a means of unlawful infringement or infringement, or if this is proven by a court decision or by the consent of the relevant user, the infringing user will be registered on the site. access and/or use of the site are revoked. In the event that WREPING suspects that the alleged infringement or right violation has actually taken place, it reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to revoke that user’s right to access or use the site before such notice, court decision or acknowledgment.
Damages and losses that third parties may suffer from their use of Wreping.com, including the user’s use of Wreping.com to connect to another site or to upload content and/or other information to the site, their claims arising from these damages, their own and/or The User accepts and undertakes that he will indemnify its reasonable affiliates, subsidiaries, officers and representatives, other partners and employees and compensate them for these losses.
The copyrights of all kinds of books, comments, articles, content and news written or sent by the User on Wreping.com belong to WREPING. The user is fully entitled to use the financial rights of his writings and content, which are regulated in Articles 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, without demanding any compensation for the articles he writes and any content he sends to Wreping.com. grants its license (license) to WREPING to be used in the country and abroad without any time and publication restrictions, consents to the publication of the articles in question wherever it deems appropriate, without the need for prior permission, accepts and declares that this matter is a letter of consent/authorization. and commits. However, if the User wishes to publish them on another source, Wreping. com must be done by giving an active link. You agree and undertake that WREPING has the right to use all your writings and content for commercial or non-commercial purposes in any medium it deems appropriate, as long as your online books, comments, quotations and writings and all kinds of content are published on Wreping.com. To prevent this, the User must delete his post or content. However, this is only a forward-looking process and will not give the User the right to have their writings or content removed from previous works, or to demand a royalty fee or any other right. A reprint or publication of previous work is therefore always possible. You agree and undertake that WREPING has the right to use all your writings and content for commercial or non-commercial purposes in all media it deems appropriate, as long as it is published on .com. To prevent this, the User must delete his post or content. However, this is only a forward-looking process and will not give the User the right to have their writings or content removed from previous works, or to demand a royalty fee or any other right. A reprint or publication of previous work is therefore always possible. You agree and undertake that WREPING has the right to use all your writings and content for commercial or non-commercial purposes in all media it deems appropriate, as long as it is published on .com. To prevent this, the User must delete his post or content. However, this is only a forward-looking process and will not give the User the right to have their writings or content removed from previous works, or to demand a royalty fee or any other right. A reprint or publication of previous work is therefore always possible. To prevent this, the User must delete his post or content. However, this is only a forward-looking process and will not give the User the right to have their writings or content removed from previous works, or to demand a royalty fee or any other right. A reprint or publication of previous work is therefore always possible. To prevent this, the User must delete his post or content. However, this is only a forward-looking process and will not give the User the right to have their writings or content removed from previous works, or to demand a royalty fee or any other right. A reprint or publication of previous work is therefore always possible.

Author Support
Not every user who registers with WREPING and every book of his is open to support from the very first moment. For a book to receive support on WREPING, it must meet certain conditions.
These conditions are;
The user or the author must be a natural person.
The copyright of the book should not belong to another author.
The author must have written at least 15 pages of the book for which he/she wishes to receive support.

For the book that meets this condition, the author’s support function opens to WREPING, and the author applies to WREPING for the book to be supported by clicking the "open to receive support" button. The book reviewed by the WREPING editors is opened to support and the author begins to receive support for his book.
Support for authors in WREPING means the purchase of the already written part of the book that the author is writing, WREPING does not guarantee that the author will continue to write his book later on.
If the book is deleted, the author’s account is deleted, the book or the author’s account is deleted due to any situation, the supporter cannot claim any rights in case the book does not continue. WREPING is not responsible for the legal relationship between the author and the supporter as a service provider.
In the support given to the authors, after the taxes and the shares of the intermediary payment institutions are deducted; 80% is paid to the author as royalties and 20% is paid to WREPING as a service fee.
Supports for a book are added directly to the author’s book wallet and total wallet.
The user or the author applies for the withdrawal of the money in his wallet from WREPING with the “Request a withdrawal” button on his wallet.
He fills out his bank details in the request response form and 80% of the amount in the author’s wallet is deposited into his bank account by WREPING.

Legal Responsibility
Any legal responsibility for the content submitted for publication on Wreping.com belongs to the User himself.
WREPING or Wreping.com’s editors and managers do not have the right and authority to pre-audit comments, texts, messages or any content sent by the User, and if it is determined that these comments, texts, messages are contrary to the terms of this agreement and legal regulations. , the content will be deleted by WREPING and necessary legal actions will be taken against the member.
The user accepts that any content he/she uploads to Wreping.com is correct, that the photos are related to the subject, that he/she will not include anything that may mislead third parties and organizations, that the published opinions, thoughts, expressions and pictures have no interest or connection with WREPING, and that he/she will only bind him and her. commits. In this context, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will fully and completely fulfill all requests that may be directed against WREPING by third parties in the first notification made to it electronically or in writing.
Otherwise, the User will be held responsible for the damages that WREPING may incur.

Obligations of the
User The User,
1- By becoming a member of Wreping.com or using its services, all information provided is complete and correct; While using Wreping.com, you will not violate any applicable laws and regulations,
2- No text or graphics published on Wreping.com can be used by third parties without the permission of the copyright holder, users on these sites or Wreping.com editors, authors The content material or applications produced by our company cannot be published on other websites, conventional media and other media without the permission of the broadcasting right holder,
3- The written, visual and audio materials uploaded to Wreping.com shall not contain elements that may harm the personal rights of others, pornographic photographs, immoral photographs, insults, violence, racism and illegality,
4- It is under their responsibility to ensure the security of the password they set while becoming a member of Wreping.com, to take the necessary precautions, not to use the membership accounts, usernames and passwords of other members, not to access their data without permission and not to share their passwords with others, that criminal liability will belong to him; to notify Wreping.com immediately when they learn that their member accounts are used by unauthorized persons or that their passwords have been compromised by others; Wreping.com cannot be held responsible for the seizure of members’ passwords, membership accounts, user names by third parties,
5- Wreping.com may charge certain areas or categories of the site, some facilities used on the site, and have the right to set prices unilaterally,
6- Threats, harassment and insults are prohibited on Wreping.com, public areas or Those who send messages to the private message areas that will disturb the members can be removed from membership by WREPING after their status is examined,
7- Wreping.com may reward its members for any behavior, restrict their activities or terminate their membership,
8- Wreping, which are registered trademarks of WREPING. com domain name, name and Wreping.com logo are prohibited,
9- Wreping.com and WREPING are in no way responsible for the graphics and content provided by users through Wreping.com’s interactive services, Wreping.com has the right to remove pages that are contrary to the publishing principles and laws,
10- Not to distribute content that may harm third parties, such as messages containing legally prohibited information, chain mail, software viruses; Not to send programs and/or information that will harm the information or software on other users’ computers,
11- Even if their membership is canceled, they are also responsible for their actions during their membership,
12- The responsibility in all relations established through Wreping.com belongs entirely to the related parties, Wreping. com is not responsible,
13-’s doing that he was responsible personally from any transaction,
14- user information the unauthorized reading, users of the software and data to will not be responsible for any damage due to wreping’n that might come this way,
15-’s presented in Wreping.com regarding the damage which may be suffered due to the use of the service not to claim any compensation wreping’t
16- hangs his own personal page, until that day produce that would be reserved the right to use by WREPİNG content,
17. All of these items would not object to later accept and undertake.

All kinds of damages and losses incurred by Wreping.com and/or third parties due to acts contrary to the rights and obligations set forth in the contract and/or failure to fulfill their performances and commitments, starting from the date the user started to use the service to be provided by Wreping.com pursuant to the provisions of this contract. agrees and undertakes to indemnify immediately.

Applicable Law and Competent Court In the
event of a dispute about the use of Wreping.com, about or about Wreping.com, the contract is subject to the laws of the Uk and the dispute will be resolved in accordance with these laws.
Evidence Convention
The invalidity, illegality and unenforceability of any provision of this membership agreement and terms of use shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the membership agreement and terms of use. In disputes that may arise from the User, electronic and system records, commercial records, ledger records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records kept by WREPING in its own database and servers will constitute valid binding and definitive evidence, and that this article has made WREPING since the offer of oath. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that it is in the nature of an evidential contract.
If you have any questions about the membership agreement or Wreping.com apps, contact:

E-mail: antpeopleltd@gmail.com

Notification Addresses The address that the user has given to Wreping.com, the legal address for any notification to be made regarding this contract acceptable. Unless the parties notify the other party in writing of the changes in their current addresses within 3 (three) days, they accept that the notifications to the old addresses will be valid and will be deemed to have been made to them. Any notification Wreping.com will make using the registered e-mail address of the user due to this agreement shall be valid, and it will be deemed that the e-mail reaches the User 1 (one) day after Wreping.com sends it.

WREPING will use the User’s information in accordance with the Privacy Policy on Wreping.com.
In order to provide membership and personalization services to Wreping.com, the personal information (e-mail address, date of birth, etc.) obtained from the Users is for the service purpose of the service and is not shared with third parties other than Wreping.com unless the Users request otherwise. . In so far, WREPING will share the information of the Users with the relevant authorities, in case of duly request from the competent authorities in accordance with the current legislation.
In order to provide membership and personalization services to WREPING, Wreping.com, Users can send publications, send newsletters, make notifications, provide information about products and similar services through the provided persons information (e-mail address, date of birth, etc.). In no case will the information shared by the users be used other than for the purposes and services envisaged here. If the Users do not want to receive these commercial electronic messages sent by WREPING and do not approve to receive them, they should deselect the "I want to be informed" text from the Settings page. WREPING will remove them from the mailing list via this link.

The invalidity, illegality and unenforceability of any provision of this membership agreement and terms of use shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the terms of use.
Termination of the Agreement The
right to benefit from the WREPING website can be terminated at any time, immediately and unilaterally, without any further notice or notice.
If the member violates one or more of the articles listed within the framework of this contract, he/she is personally liable criminally and legally for this violation and that WREPING has to pay third parties and/or public institutions and organizations under any name and name due to his/her violations. , accepts, declares and undertakes that WREPING has the right of recourse for all kinds of compensation and / or administrative / judicial fines and that in case of recourse it will cover these costs in cash and once at the first request.
The member can terminate the membership at any time and without stating a reason. Notice of termination can be made using e-mail. In the notice of termination, it is necessary to specify the username and an e-mail address registered on the WREPING websites.
WREPING may terminate the membership of the member immediately, as a result of any action of the member that will harm and put him in a difficult situation, including but not limited to the following situations:
a) Non-compliance with the legal regulations by the member,
b) Violation of the contractual obligations of the member,
c) WREPING web site being served with the members of the image of service availability significantly adversely affected because of their sites (such as after a member’s opt-in, he intentionally committed by revelations that have received punishment for a crime),
d) members of an organization which is being monitored by the security forces or the judiciary, people, foundations, associations or promoting congregations or their methods or activities,
e) The member harms one or more members, or
f) The member is a member of an illegal organization or cult or a controversial society in the UK.
In the presence of an important reason, WREPING may impose the following sanctions against the member, regardless of the right of termination according to paragraph 3:
- Deletion of the user’s content,
- Right of
warning and legal action, - Prevention of access to the services of WREPING websites.

Confidential Information and Data Protection
WREPING is aware that it is very important for members to use all the information they convey to WREPING regarding their personalities with special sensitivity. Therefore, WREPING complies with all relevant legal data protection legislation. WREPING will not specifically give information about members to unauthorized third parties or inform third parties about it.
WREPING will take every precaution in its power to protect all kinds of data submitted to it by the members, and taken by similar enterprises. Despite all these measures, the member agrees and undertakes not to demand any compensation from WREPING in the event that the data is in the hands of malicious persons.
WREPING keeps the traffic data of its members and all data required to be kept by this law or other legislation that is in force or will come into force in the future, as per the law numbered 5651, and is obliged to deliver it to these persons upon the request of the relevant authorities. The member accepts and undertakes that he will not claim that the privacy of his communication or other rights are damaged due to this data being kept due to legal obligation. WREPING undertakes to take all necessary care in the storage and destruction of this data.

Use of Cookies
WREPING uses "cookies" (small files placed on your hard drive) on some of its pages to analyze web page flow, customize its services, measure the effectiveness of site content, and help improve site security.
A few important things to know about cookies are as follows:
a) Cookies are used to identify users and keep their sessions open.
b) Most cookies are "session cookies", that is, they are automatically deleted from the hard drive upon logging out.
c) Cookies can always be rejected if the internet browser allows it. However, in this case, it may not be possible to access some features on the site.
d) It is possible to encounter cookies of third parties on certain pages of the site and beyond the control of WREPING.

Final Provisions
The user declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this membership agreement and terms of use and that he confirms the accuracy of the information he has given about himself. As soon as the user completes the membership form and declares that he accepts it, he is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions set forth in this membership agreement and terms of use, and this membership agreement and terms of use enter into force between the parties indefinitely. The contract will automatically become null and void without the need for any notice, with the termination of the membership or the realization of any of the termination conditions listed in this membership contract and terms of use.
If you believe Wreping.com services are being abused or are uncomfortable with the information published, contact Wreping.com immediately.

E-mail: antpeopleltd@gmail.com

Copyright ANT PEOPLE LTD. All rights reserved.
Wattpad takes copyright infringement very seriously. Users are not allowed to post stories that do not belong to them unless they obtain legal permission from the owner and provide evidence when requested. Published works reported to us or discovered by us will be removed immediately. If the work is not published, we will ask the owner to submit a DMCA request and we will remove the infringing work as soon as possible!
With DMCA, it is on your behalf to prevent websites that publish your copyrighted works on the internet without permission from appearing in search engines, to remove the content permanently, to initiate and follow effective processes in the use of unlicensed products.
They cause damage to the right holders due to the illegally published content (Film, Serial Film, video, musical work, picture and printed publication) on the internet by ignoring the copyrights of the right holders. DMCA will monitor your copyrights on the internet simultaneously, preventing these pirated publications on behalf of the rights holders and minimizing the damage to be lost from pirated publications.
We prevent illegal "piracy" sharing of all kinds of movies, TV shows and music content on youtube and other sharing sites, and if necessary, we remove them through legal action. We prevent the financial loss of the author and transform the digital environment into a new sales and revenue channel.
The copyright belongs to the author in the work he has done with the reader, the editor, the publisher or in the joint articles he wrote with other authors. The author, reader, editor, publisher respects the copyright of the work, cannot copy or use it in any way. If the author deems appropriate, he gives a share of the copyright to those who contribute to his work or declares the names of the people who contributed to his work. Wreping.com is not responsible for any disputes that may arise regarding the copyright of the author’s work with other users.
With this note, with a window that opens the contract
3) How is Copyright Protected?

The date when the books that will be transferred to the Wreping database are started to be written are taken as a basis. If the author’s own book is copied, he can claim the right with the date it was written.